Self Publishing Resources

  David Gaughran runs a blog on self-publishing. You can learn the process and get pointers on formatting, and other mechanical matters. He will also give you some criteria for making various self-publishing decisions.

  Many authors use Scrivener as their composition tool, instead of a word processor. Scrivener has some powerful conceptualizing and organizing tools, and it is friendly to self-publishing formats.
Susan Russo Anderson has a blog entry on how to use Scrivener for self publishing.

  Jane Friedman also blogs on self-publishing, and provides links to extensive how-to, and self-help resources. She provides advice, editing, coaching, publishing and marketing help. She gives helpful advice on choosing an E-Publishing service.

 Greg Standberg's Big Sky Words blog provides some key information about getting a cover on your book. The cover might be your most important selling point. It is certainly the first thing anyone will notice about your book. Here are some things to think about. f
 Catherine Ryan Howard walks us through the  self-publishing business, including a discussion of Print On Demand (POD) services and how to use them.
  Here is Barbara Brabec's take on self publishing and Print on Demand.
 If you're starting a blog on reading and writing, including book reviews, you might benefit from the insights of someone who's done it.
 A blog called Write Hacked gives us some comparisons of POD services.
 Ellen Allen shares some lessons learned the hard way about self publishing.

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