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The publishing business is changing beneath our rapidly reading eyes. We have become part of that destructive change we keep hearing about. Increasing waves of writers are bypassing the gatekeepers at traditional publishing houses with a Johnstown flood of self-published books. Many readers ignore the torrent, sticking to the guidance of reviews found in newspapers and magazines, but increasing numbers are swimming the maelstrom to sample the unregulated flow of tyro creativity.

Finding a worthwhile book in this fire-hose shoot, can be more frustrating that finding a pony in a stable-hand’s dump. Help is inventing itself, see below, and this page is an attempt to be helpful. Recognized here are efforts by some independent authors that have made a positive impression. Selection is, of course, a matter of taste. There is no attention paid to the affliction of “Genre.” Does that phrasing belie a prejudice? If you find your taste compatible, check back to see what else might siphon out of the whirlpool and land here.

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by Arley L. Dial

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by Arley L. Dial

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by Frank Scozzari
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In The Matter Of J. Van Pelt

by Dave Shiflett

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