Dateline: :2016


About the Attic of Gallimaufry

The Attic of Gallimaufry is the project site for the sometime residents of Mudgap, New Mexico who write under the name, Gregory S Trachta. It's a blog with neither schedule nor agenda.

We take your feedback very seriously, and have assigned our best listener to the task.

Most contributions are heavily influenced by this-that-and-the-other interests, research, reading notes, and, idol curiosity about the state of things past, present and future. If you're agnostic about time, you may substitute the word "reality" for the final phrase of the previous sentence with no loss of pocket change.

Some readers are moved to comment about some of the entries, or the state of internal affairs. Be assured we are listening.

You can leave messages here on the site, or on Facebook, or forward via email. All comments are dealt with appropriately.

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