The Attic of Gallimaufry is the collaboration and project site for the league of New Mexico writers sharing the pen name, Gregory S Trachta. Most of them reside in or near Mudgap, but there is a hardcore diaspora in Texas, Colorado, Missouri, Massachusetts, and other New Mexico towns. Here they post as if on a blog, without schedule, or agenda, ongoing projects, clippings, reading notes, special interests, and stuff.
           The site is a salute to the temporal horizon, exploring things found by the way, or left behind, with excursions into diverse topics including science, math, art, history, archeology, biography, politics, poetry, literature and the ramblings of idle curiosity.

       If you have a comment, we're listening. You can leave messages here on the site, or on Facebook, or forward via email. Comments from sublime to silly will be acknowledged, in some form, and all will be dealt with appropriately.